new communication app for iPad

new communication app for iPad

Postby DanArthur » Thu Nov 10, 2011 11:49 am

Hi, Just wanted to let everyone know about a new app for iPad called GoTalk NOW. It allows you to created unlimited communication pages, do your own recording of messages, choose images for each message from the programme or the internet (or use your own photos). You can size, color and reposition words and images for each message. Then a non-speaker can communicate just by pressing on a message picture. It helps kids communicate, but also serves as a model for speech which some kids will imitate after time.There is something about iPads and similar devices that kids are really drawn to, so this seems to work better than lots of other communication methods. It's kind of like talking PECS---and the talking part it what helps kids learn to be more comfortable with speech. You can get it online at for $79.99.
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