UK Authorities Funding Son-Rise

UK Authorities Funding Son-Rise

Postby eaglestone » Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:19 pm

We need your help!

We are currently looking for our local authority (Brighton and Hove) to fund our son's Son-Rise programme.

Could you please let us know of any local authorities in the UK that are currently funding programmes as this would be helpful when we present our case to avoid a tribunal.

Many thanks.

(Son-Rise Dad)
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Re: UK Authorities Funding Son-Rise

Postby Rekha » Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:58 pm

Hi Tim,

if you look in the getting started section there is a huge document that will help you with your question and many others. We had funding for three years and the LEA just decided to pull, but we have got i back again and this my step by step advice on how to in five easy steps...

1) Decide to have FUN, yes that is right, you can make this experience what you want. Making it fun will out you in the power position.
2)Gather evidence as much as you can, tribunals love evidence. Get an Independent Ed pysc report there are a few good ones I can recommend Dirk Flower, of flower associates (who we used).
3)Get some legal advice IPSEA are great and free! All you have to do is to prove that the provision that the LEA are providing is not suitable for your child, not the best or worst, this isn't about gold plating.
4)Draw up your Statement to describe your child to a T and also spell out home schooling programme
5)Write to the LEA and if they don't play take them to tribunal.

Step 6...Don't forget to have fun...

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Re: UK Authorities Funding Son-Rise

Postby CarolinaKaiser » Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:49 pm

Great suggestions Rekha! I love the emphasis on having fun. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Tim - you can find the School Funding Packet on our website at the link below, with all of our suggestions and recommendations: ... unding.php

Hope this helps!

Warmest wishes,
Son-Rise Program Teacher
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