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Our little boy has just started school, and though we had some challenges he seems to have overcome them for now.
The otherday I took both my boys back to school after lunch and we came accross another child who was crying (age 8) 'because no one wanted to play with him' I asked my eldest to come over and play but he was already running accross the playground, so I suggested that we find a dutymom to look after him, and to my SURPRISE....... our newly recovered son.... turned to me and said "Mom I will play with him"!!! joy upon joy, he turned to the boy and looking in his eyes the whole time, he told him his name etc... and asked the boy his name, they both walked off happily together pointing at the class rooms, I guessed telling each other where their class was, after school I asked about the new buddie he had found, and he told me that we just talked and we walked around the school together!!!!!

I am SO THANKFUL that he can be like this, the child who once couldnt talk, didnt look in anyones eyes, let alone some he had never met before!!!!

We have worked hard for the last 5 months practicing show and tell for when he goes to school, tomorrow is his first time! he has practiced at home infront of family and friends, when we asked what he was going to take we sure got a surprise, or was it????? He wanted to take a picture of his volunteers!!! when he told us about his show and tell, it went like this
"Good monring boys & Girls, I have brought in a special show and tell, it is of my friends that come and play with me, they read books, and play games, and we have lots of fun together, I took this photo with my moms camera, does anyone have any questions for me" - I hope to be able to go in and set the camera up to video this tomorrow, what a special day for us all!

I hope this gives all the other SR parents out there, hope for your special child, 3 1/2 years ago, we were told that he would never be potty trained, and would never go to a regular school!!!! he was potted trained within 3 days of returning from New Frontiers!!! NEVER EVER GIVE UP :D

With love from the West Coast.
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