Starting biomed - won't take supplements!

Starting biomed - won't take supplements!

Postby imlovinit » Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:19 am

Hi all, I am an enthusiastic live-in volunteer with a beautiful London Son-Rise family!
We have just completed biomedical testing and have received our first batch of supplements (yay!) however our sweet boy is just refusing to touch them! He is borderline Stage 2/3 with some language but mostly echolalic, and he currently has major challenges with flexibility. I have worked with several biomed families in the past however their children just took supplements with no hassle so I'm stuck on how to help these guys. We have tried introducing them in several fun and non-judgemental ways but no dice. All suggestions appreciated!
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Re: Starting biomed - won't take supplements!

Postby KimKorpady » Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:13 am

Dear Supplement Help, :)
It sounds like you guys are already doing a great job working with your little friend!! This question you ask is very common... I think that by introducing these supplements in a fun and exciting way you have already begun to use your Son Rise Program skills to address this challenge you are currently facing! I do have a couple of other suggestions which may help further this process:

#1 Help your friend understand what is going on by using explanations to express why is will be useful for him to take these supplements and all the benefits that will happen in his body after taking them. Also too, explain the process of how you are going to give him the supplements so he is not completely taken aback when you begin to give them to him. Move slowly and be predictable while doing this and he will begin to see that really you are on his side trying to help him.
#2 If this still isn't working for you something else that you can try when helping your child to take these supplements is to actually back off completely. Try to stop working so hard at making this happen. Try to stop talking about the supplements, stop chasing after him to get him to take them, stop creating games around them, stop moving toward them completely. Instead, try to hide them in some of his favorite foods (and I mean his absolute FAVORITE) so he is able to take them without even really noticing-- and you are also giving him LOTS of CONTROL Many many parents out there are helping their children take supplements by administering them this way. Have fun finding what food/drink works!
#3 Another common area that parents, professionals, and family members forget to address when introducing something new to their child is the way in which they are feeling. I highly suggest that your team of volunteers, the parents of this boy, and anyone who is trying to help him take these supplements take a look first at how they are feeling when they are introducing the supplements. Are you believing that this IS going to happen? Or are you believing that he probably WONT take these supplements? Whatever you are feeling while introducing this to your child, he will pick up on. If there is a particular push and you are ATTACHED to the OUTCOME of him taking these, then the way in which you give them to him will be affected. The attitudinal component is huge when working with and forming a relationship with our wonderful children. I suggest believing first and foremost he WILL take the supplements and he WILL be easy with it, because its going to be useful in his life. Often the change is not about changing how we are doing things but how we feel when we are doing them.
Warmest regards,
Kim Korpady
The Son Rise Program ™ Senior Child Facilitator
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