non verbal 5yrs who gags!

non verbal 5yrs who gags!

Postby gbarry » Sat May 07, 2011 4:44 am

HI we have been running our son rise program part time for the past 12 months, my son has moved forward in all the developmental area's apart from his language. We have been really focusing on his first word for the last couple of months and my son attempts to speak when motivated, he opens his mouth attempts to make a sound, moves his lips into positions and looks directly at you, but no word or letter sound comes out other than "uh". He then gags! and sometimes is sick, it presents as though the effort of trying to speak has triggered something in his throat that makes him sick! It is such a shame because then the effort of trying to speak turns into a not very nice experience for him. We have carried on requesting words dispite this but wonder if we should move away from requesting for a bit as I dont want it to turn into a negativity for him!
Any idea's would be helpful :D
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Re: non verbal 5yrs who gags!

Postby KimKorpady » Mon May 16, 2011 1:53 pm

:P Dear gbarry,
The program you are running for your son sounds absolutely incredible. It is very exciting to hear about the amazing progress you have made in helping your son- way to go! After reading your question our team of Son-Rise Program Teachers and Child Facilitators strongly suggest that you sign up for a Consultation with a certified Teacher. Through a Son Rise Program Consultation we will better be able to assist you in helping your son around this challenge. In addition it will help us gain more clarity so we can better guide you in direction that would be most beneficial. Please call #1(877)766-7473 we are excited to help you!
Much L O V E!
Kim Korpady
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