14-year-old in residential home

14-year-old in residential home

Postby kela » Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:32 pm

Hi, it is Sept 19 and I just joined this forum. I am sitting in a hotel room in St.Clairsville, Ohio where I have been for the past 2 days because my son, now 14, who has Aspergers has been in a residential treatment facility here for 2 months and Friday they put him on suicide watch. Normally I come down on Sundays, visit him, then stay over and have my family therapy session on Mondays, then drive back to Columbus, Ohio where we live.

Something went horribly ary with my son around February of this year and he became very difficult to manage. I chalked it up to hormones. However, he began running away and not only from home but from everywhere he was. If he was at the babysitter, he ran home, if he was at home and something happened, he ran. I had the police at my house nearly every week for more than 5 months. Because of his diagnosis, every time he ran away it meant 20-30 police cars and helicopters looking for him.

He would say he just couldn't live at home anymore because everything drove him crazy. I could see how sensitive he had become which is why I felt it was hormones.
After several local hospitalizations, reaching out to Children's Services, having a nervous breakdown myself, and pulling him out of the autism school for home schooling, it was time for a more drastic step because he wasn't safe.

I am spend about 2 hours daily searching the internet for how to help him in this stage, as he was just diagnosed in 2007 and after attending an autism conference, I knew all of the right things to do and say to help him.

Now, I feel we have reached a plateau and I don't know how to help him in this stage. Help.

Thanks so much.
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Re: 14-year-old in residential home

Postby raetyty » Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:49 pm

Hi....Here is my solution for you - Son-Rise! My daughter, Tyler, is 16. I have been doing the son-rise program for 10+ years. I know how you feel and what you mean by thinking hormones. I think you are partially right. Tyler started having seizures 1.5 years ago. I have seen a change in her in the past 2 years. She seems to have more sensory issues and wants things done more a certain way now than before. The reason I say partially is because I think maybe your son is in environments that he doesnt feel safe for some reason or another. Maybe there is too much distraction or too much for his sensory issues. Im just guessing at that because I dont know him. Have you called the Option Institute for help? They are awesome! I would strrongly suggest you start there. Also, reading that you said you had a nervous breakdown ~ i would suggest to go to www.option.org. This site teaches the option process. This process will change your life - for the best! I took the Calm Amid Chaos course at the Option Institue this past August and it was an amazing class. After taking this class, I know now that I can stay calm in any situation, especially knowing that change is continuous. Feel free to contact me if you wish. I will do my best to help and support you. Also, know that you are already in the right direction with helping your son by loving him! Make that call - you will be happy you did :)

Love, Jamie
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My 17 Years Old Son with Asperger's

Postby Yagoub » Tue Nov 09, 2010 5:26 pm

Hello Jamie,

My name is Afaf I live in England I thought of writing to you because I have my son with aspergers he is 17. I just started the son-rise programme with him before three weeks and I always wanted to have other people's experience with similar situation. My son is at college and he studies IT course. He has some challenges such as social, confidence, anxiety sometimes and not being able to make friends. After we started the programme I noticed that he started to be calm and I am really hoping that I will continue with him this amazing programme. He is loving it very much and always ask me to go to the room. One of the reasons of making him happier is that I had to change some attitudes of myself.

He is in Glutin/Casien free diet since Feb 2010 he is very committed to it. If you are on Facebook please add me my profile is Afaf Elhillo. I really have some questions may be you could help me as having the experience on the son rise with your son for sometime.

If there is any other parent having a child at the same age I would appreciate it if you give me your experience.

Thank you so much


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