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Hi ,
We are keenly searching for people interested in becoming part of our Son-Rise family! :P
We live in Australia, (a beautiful warm place where the sun shows up most days, situated on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland;-) We are offering very comfortable ‘live-in position’ & are happy to discuss & share with you this awesome opportunity further on initial contact.
We run a full-time Son-Rise program ,& are blessed with a radiant ,adorable little girl Evie who is 5 years big :lol: we are endlessly touched by this exceptional little person, she personally provides us all limitless teachings, she has one of the most adorable faces put on this earth & her eyes & her giggle will encapsulate you, Evie is a true free spirit & has many inspiring things to share with you!
We are looking for you, super special people who are motivated, passionate & interested in having a wonderful & unique opportunity be involved in our Son-Rise program & work alongside us. Embrace & enrich each other with the blessing of a wonderful, inspiring & powerful way, showing our beautiful little girl Eve that we love her & help inspire her grow in ways that impact & create for all of us deep, sincere & loving environment in which we are all blessed & cherished.... Our intentions are to fill our environment, our home & our lives with likeminded dedicated individuals that embrace and are passionate about Son-Rise principals. If this interests you are wanting to have the adventure of experiencing & living in this environment, then we really embrace & encourage you to consider jumping at our unique opportunity to be involved as you will become a special & wonderful part of our family.
This role requires commitment, endless enthusiasm , oodles of energy & are seeking others to value this experience with us. As you can imagine We have many things to do in a day to make this happen, & we are looking for people who can work as a team with us to help the smooth running’s of the household & daily activity. & have lots of fun in the playroom.
This is an incredibly rewarding position we offer & are seeking out people who understand the importance of the role this requires, someone who is dedicated, has strong work ethics, motivated, has a passionate nature, & has abundance of love to share.
We invite & welcome you to experience these blessings with us & to become a part Evie’s miracle of her growth & recovery from her autism symptoms. If this opportunity is something that you can see yourself inspired & involved in, we would LOVE to hear from you my personal email is kristyt@evansharch.com.au
Wishing you Loads of Love & laughter to keep you warm.... Looking forward to hearing from you!
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