Social Development Materials for Your Playroom

Social Development Materials for Your Playroom

Postby CarolinaKaiser » Tue Mar 02, 2010 1:05 pm

We are so excited to offer you the following download to help you create the most exciting, compelling and growth-inspiring playrooms. Whether you are just beginning to build your playroom, or you have already established your playroom and simply need guidance, the following download contains a wealth of ideas for you. We feel honored to support you in this way, knowing that you are all creating miracles in your own corners of the world with your children. ... erials.pdf

This download includes information on the toys that we have found most durable and most useful in inspiring interaction and growth. We have tested these toys ourselves in our very own playrooms, and we hope that they inspire as much creativity for you as they have for us. Most of the toys we have included in this list are manufactured in the United States. However, many are available through various international distributors. Our intention is to give you a starting point from which to find the items that you want for your playrooms.

We all send you our love and very best wishes. We feel honored to be part of your journey and consider each of you to be part of our extended family—even those of you that we haven’t yet met. We wish you joy, delight and laughter as you spend your time in your playrooms with your amazing children. We are cheering you on!
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