a lady who i loved so much was so inspirational

a lady who i loved so much was so inspirational

Postby nikki.jayne » Fri May 07, 2010 5:24 pm

well where do i start .
my nan of course when i had my first little girl she got the name super nan well she was that of course.then amy my second little girl was born at the age of 18 months we were told amy had autism and would never talk.
my nan always treated amy normally she would play with her and talk to her.
one day just before christmas i was watching the richard and judy show about raun and how the son rise programm had helped him and also another little girl i started to cry i drove my husband mad i wanted to go out there to do start up anyway three weks after christmas i decied to phone and talk to brian he asked if i could come in may so i phoned my friend and asked her if she wanted to go she said yes .
the only thing was we were broke we had to find £500 for the flight so iwas takling to my mom about it as i wanted to help my little amy so much just to hear her voice .
my nan told me she would give me half from her pension i was so happy as we had got he flight money.
when i return home my nan helped me and my mom and family to raise the money to get amy to america.she packed bags at asda and came to most events
we flew out to america on 14 thmay and we has two brill weeks with amy
we started to work with amy and the speech came she would call her super nan and say love you
7 weeks ago my nan feel and broke her hip she became very ill .4 weeks ago we were told that super nan was dying and only had a few days left i then decied to take amy and kirsty to see her kirsty told super nan she loved her and amy a little girl who colud not say one word also said love you and gave her a kiss i had to walk away as i started to cry
i will hold that special memory in my mind forever
sadly super nan passed away on my dads birthday the 1 st may who died in 1992 she could not wait to get to the party the other side to tell my dad about amy
she was a lady who was so kind and so loving and strong and loved life she was 93
nan i hope amy turns out just like you
i miss you so much god bless you thank you for making my dream come true for little amy
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Re: a lady who i loved so much was so inspirational

Postby Georgiasmum » Thu May 13, 2010 9:59 am

Hi Nikki, I just wanted to say I have just read your post and it was so inspirational. Your Nan sounds such a great character. Thank you for sharing this and it does show how we never give up on our kids or grandchildren and how Sonrise helps.
Best wishes and hope Amy moves from strength to strength
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