about the test

about the test

Postby BIBIANA » Sat Dec 11, 2010 3:19 am

Hi, evrybody, i just want to know what kind of test is necessay to do on my son, to know if he is untollerant to casin and gluten, because he has done a really long test of blood that it was so long to make it that we have to do it twice, to finish because it was so much blood...anyways i would like to know if is on that test where it appear that ,He is untolerant to casin and gluten, because i have my doubts about it , cause i try on my on the casin free diet and we add the B12 but, honestly i havent seen any differences, maybe because he doesnt have a problem with the casin or gluten?, what kind of test should i have done to know it? is the one we have done, about his blood to see all his levels of proteins and vitamins on his body? or is any other? if is other kind of test where can i have done it?
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