How a dialogue can change your life?

How a dialogue can change your life?

Postby Rekha » Sat Nov 13, 2010 7:11 am

I am a mum to two, my son has severe special needs he has IDIC 15 (a chromosome abnormality) and Autism (8yrs old) and I have typical daughter of 6.5yrs old. I went through a few very tough years where I was struggling to cope with daily routines and meeting my childrens very individual needs. About 3 years ago I discovered the Option Process (through the Son-Rise programme). I went on to study this philosophy further and over two years trained to become a Option Process Mentor - Counsellor, qualified to carry out the Option Process dialogue, this is a very special method of questioning, done without any judgement or direction.The most appealing thing to me about this dialogue process was that I am my own best expert, so the mentor is never there to give advice or guide just to listen and not judge and ask questions. Finding my own answers was so liberating.

Please see link (tells you more about the techniques used the Option Process dialogue)

I still have the same kids but I now feel so empowered, I run a full time schooling programme for my son, I am taking the LEA to court and setting up a company, this is with my husband working away 3 weeks per month! I have learnt to deal with situations in a totally different way through exploring why I was getting upset/angry and then changing those beliefs to those that were more supporting and helpful to me.
I have dialogued with many mums with a whole range of issues. Some who had repeatedly been beating their kids and others who were contemplating suicide all because they initially believed they were powerless and couldn't cope!. I also found that special child or not they have a bunch of very similar issues. So I would love reach other mums/ dads who are in need of this.

Please see link for more details, I am also offering a half price taster session. I do my dialogues by telephone, skpye and oovoo so distance is no object. or ring me +44(01353) 699457

Many thanks,
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