Early signs of autism

Early signs of autism

Postby livinx9 » Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:10 am

Hi! My name is Marnie. I have a 25 year old with Aspergers. Unfortunatly, I was young when I had him and although I fought to help him, he was not diagnosed until he was 15. I have learned alot over the years and always try to educate myself. I am happy to say that my son has had a steady job, lives on his own and was able to buy his own home at 21.

My concern now is my 7 month old foster son. He has always been on target for his milestones until about a month ago. He has not progressed in his verbalizing and seems to be slow with fine motor like gripping things and bringing his hands together. He has been followed by Early Intervention because he was drug exposed and is a foster child. Because of his age, he isn't technically considered delayed yet but I am concerned. However, he is an over achiever in that he is sitting up, army crawling and pulling himself up to his knees on things. My biggest concern in all this is that he developed a motor stereotypy (head nodding) about a month ago. He also does not have typical social responses for his age.

I'm sorry if that is a lot of information. Is it too soon to consider autism? He will be moving to a family member in a few weeks and I am concerned that they will not be prepared. It will be very hard to incinuate this to them but I feel that if there is a strong possibility that he could have or be developing autism they need to be prepared.

Is it too soon?

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Re: Early signs of autism

Postby BeckyDamgaard » Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:50 pm

HI Marnie,

Thank you for contacting us! How fantastic that your 25 year old is so independant and doing so amazingly. We are very happy for you!

Because all children develop at their own pace, it's not possible for us to make any kind of assessment of whether he is on the spectrum as yet. We recommend that you seek out a specialized pediatrician who will give you advice on getting a proper diagnosis for your foster son.

As his current guardian, we trust that you are his best expert and encourage you to follow your instinct as a carer. We will always be here to support and guide you as and when you are ready to learn more about The Son-Rise Program as and when you feel clear that you want to help him in this way. At that time, we suggest you call us to set up a 25 minute call free of charge with one of our Family Counselors. The number is 413-229-2100.

Warm regards,
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Re: Early signs of autism

Postby George180453 » Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:22 pm

My name is George, and I have a 28 month Grandson also George, he was clearly not developing in the way we felt he should and has now been diagnosed with ASD, he does the flapping and spinning, standing on his toes, screwing his face up tight and clenching his fists, these sights were very prominent up to two years old, they seem to be less of an issue now, his speech has developed quite well, but we get no eye contact when we speak with him, but he does look at you when it suits him, the help available in the area we live is very limited and my daughter wants to be pro-active, shes a great mum who adores her little boy but feels very frustrated, what can Son Arise offer, the family are saving hard to help her do what she feels is right, please any advice would be most welcome.

George - in a remote part of the UK
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Re: Early signs of autism

Postby BeckyDamgaard » Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:36 pm

Hi George,

We appreciate that you are reaching out to help your Grandson. How wonderful that he and his parents have your support and encouragement!

For over 30 years The Son-Rise Program has helped families and children from all over the world! From the ages of 2 to 50! With a massive array of diagnoses.

We see the main challenge of ASD to be relating to and interacting with other people. So the focus of The Son-Rise Program is relationships. We have a social curriclulum that we use to help and guide children to achieve social developmental fundamentals which you can view by following this link.

http://www.autismtreatmentcenter.org/co ... _model.php

For more information we recommend you set up a complimentary call with one of our Son-Rise program Advisors. Please call us on 001-413-229-2100 to get your questions answered and learn more about The Son-Rise Program.

Warm regards,
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