can you help my child

can you help my child

Postby abo omar » Sun May 09, 2010 2:21 am

My son is 5 years old and he diagnosed with autism spectrum
Year ago, he was repeating a lot of words and employing some of these words
I am working in Saudi Arabia and when I went to my State last year on vacation it was decreased these words and it was disappeared and after my return to Saudi Arabia
before a year ago he did not speak a single word, but wa oo

We are trying with, but not the feasibility of
Why is this so in your opinion
Is it possible to regain the words
Please advise me, thankfully
abo omar
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Re: can you help my child

Postby darkstars1 » Mon May 10, 2010 10:29 pm

The one thing that I have learned, and the thing that is most frustrating, is that things come and go in this thing called autism (including lanquage.) Yes, I think the words will definately return and will probably exceed what he was saying before.
It seems like our kids need to really concentrate on one thing since they are operating in chaos. So he might be working on a fine motor skill, or adjusting to a new schedule/environment, or even just going through a growth spurt, and not concentrating on the language. But once he has worked out whatever he was working on, you will see the old mastered skills return.
Have patience, keep running your program and continue to love him!!
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Re: can you help my child

Postby Patrick » Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:53 pm

Actually,i worked with a child in Nigeria using son-rise method by His grace the child had improved.
What i will suggest is that you should be consistent and believe and your child will say those word again when more than that.
But i will like to ask the last time you traveled with him but he he did not say any word again,his there any volunteer there playing with him,if not. please always make sure u engage him at least 8hours a day.
Best wishes and my love to your family.
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Re: can you help my child

Postby CarolinaKaiser » Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:26 am

Hi Abo -
Thanks for your question! And yes, we absolutely believe that your son can regain his language - we see it happen all the time. It is a common pattern for children to go through phases in their language - sometimes speaking many words, then seeming to lose those words, then eventually learning to speak them again. So the first thought we'd like to offer you is to have hope - the more you believe your son will speak, the more you will be able to help him do so. When we are hopeful, we continue to work toward our goal in a more powerful way - so believing in your son is the first step.

Second, let me give you some tips on how to encourage your son to speak again. We have had continued success with helping children speak and these techniques will get you started in that process. I would suggest spending some focused time with your son in a quiet room to try out the techniques below - you could close the door on the living room or your son's bedroom and use that quiet, focused space to spend some time helping your son develop more language.

1) CELEBRATE all sounds your son is making - he is probably making babbling sounds, or unclear sounds, and although these sounds may not seem like words, we want him to continue using his voice so that he can eventually speak more clearly. Whenever he makes a sound, you could celebrate in a variety of ways (cheer, tell him you love his word, dance a silly dance of celebration, cheer loudly, cheer silently with just your arms, etc.).

2) RESPOND WITH ACTION whenever your son makes a sound. Show him the power of his sounds and partial words. When he says "buh" you could run to get a ball and bounce the ball in a fun and silly way. You could sing him a song, you could tickle him, you could get him a drink of water, you could jump, you could squeeze his foot, you could get him a book and read it to him... After you celebrate his sound, show him the power and the purpose of language by responding to his sound with action.

Try these two techniques and then write us back so we can give you further guidance. We'd love to continue supporting you.

For additional techniques on language - visit our website for a video on how to encourage language here: ... cation.php

Wishing you a wonderful time with your son!
Warmest wishes,
Son-Rise Program Teacher
The Autism Treatment Center of America
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