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Hi, I'm new to the Son-Rise program. I have 17 yo son with Autism. I'm planning to homeschool him but not sure how public school would react. Any ideas?
Janet from Andover, MA.
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Re: homeschooling

Postby rb1710 » Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:30 am

Hi Janet,

Have you been to the Son-rise Start up program? If not I would definitely recommend it as it is a great starting point for parents who want to do home schooling with a home based Son-rise program as it gives you amazing techniques to work with your child and is very empowering for parents. Sorry if I misunderstood and you have already been.

I would say talk to as many parents as possible in your area about home schooling to get a feel for it, I am doing the same right now as we have just returned from the Son-rise Intensive program with our son who is 13 and High functioning and currently at school. We too are considering home schooling alongside with a full time Son-rise program but are also looking at other options such as part time program etc.

Hope this helps.

Rohana :)
Rohana Bakhshi

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Re: homeschooling

Postby Lolabean » Fri Dec 06, 2013 2:52 pm

My son is 15 and I want to begin homeschooling him as well. The online Connections Academy is wonderful for us and my son will get the one-on-one help he needs plus have the flexibility to adjust to his apserger's needs. We are just waiting for an opening on the waiting list. He is failing in his school. I will homeschool him asap, regardless of the school's opinion. You know your son best, get support from people who agree with his needs being met in the best way. Public schools cannot accommodate for my son's needs. Regardless of the law requirements, it doesn't make it possible for the schools to follow the law completely. With so many accommodations, its only realistic I homeschool him. I am in the process of trying to get funds together to go to the Son-Rise program in February.
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