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Please help looking for guidance/rules a round activities we take into the playroom in particular at changeover; should one person take the same activity in for a period of time?
Is it best that all persons take the same activity in for period of time?
Any advice will be much appreciated
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Re: Themes

Postby KimKorpady » Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:55 am

Hello, what an excellent question!
To answer your question, yes each person will bring into the playroom with them a theme for their allotted time (for instance, if they are in the playroom for 2 hours and bring in a theme then that is their theme for those two hours). The next person going into the playroom will then have their own theme which they bring in with them for the entirety of their session… So on and so forth for each person on the team. It is okay to bring a theme into the playroom again, but we highly encourage you and your team to bring new activities in as much as possible.

Some extra info about themes:
The idea when bringing a theme into the playroom is this:
#1 Before your session prepare something to bring in the room with you. When creating a theme you will want to have an element of the game be something which is motivating for your child, as well as opportunity to help them to grow in their social development (i.e. their goal). For example if your child is really motivated for Thomas the Train and the goal you are helping him with is physically participating then the THEME you bring in with you might be train tracks and pictures of Thomas, with the idea being that you build the train tracks to help Thomas move around the room!

#2 Something else to think about when you bring in your themes: Often times we have a clear vision of how a game will play out, the structure of the game, the steps we will take, or even how to play it... When we present the game to our children often it is very helpful if first we entertain them with what we have brought in with us. If we show them how much fun WE have when playing with the theme! It is absolutely okay for your child to watch you play for awhile (using those 3E's of course), think of this as a way for you to model how the game is played and a way for them to really see how much fun it's going to be when they participate with you.

#3 Keep in mind that when your child moves away, stops looking, stops showing you they are connected, then this is the time for you to join them and join just as passionately as when you were building your theme! When your child looks again, or gives you a green light then definitely reintroduce your theme... this time try introducing it another way... have fun experimenting with new and exciting ways which you can play the game, and experiment with new ways of offering it to your child! Just because your child isn’t playing the game now, does not mean they don’t like it or don’t want to play it for the entirety of your session--> Just find the way that works for them! Maybe they want you to build the train tracks silently with lots of animation, or maybe it’s that they want the train to go up the wall rather than on the floor, or maybe they would enjoy watching a puppet build the tracks, or would like you to sing a song about Thomas as you build them... the list can go on and on... the most important part is that you create the desire within yourself to really be a detective in finding out how this game can work for your child.

Let us know how it goes!!!
With many big smiles,
Kim Korpady
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