Support for the next IEP for my son

Support for the next IEP for my son

Postby msacalifornia » Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:01 am

I've been writing about the issues and struggles in the school where my son is actually. His IEP is coming very soon and I feel sometimes hopeless because I am planning to homeschooling him and this is a project that I just started right now and meanwhile I need a very nurturing, warm and safe place where he can be. My working life style would change for working in the afternoon so I can do a part time homeschool for him in the morning. A few hours ago I contacted Matrix in California, and the lady who probably is somekind in the advocacy job let me know about the process and even court issues that will take to pull him out if I want to bring that out in the meeting. Also, she proposed that I suggest how to include the SonRise program in my son's special ed class ( I am wondering how they will handle that because they have their own program). I am feeling trapped in these special ed classes and their schools. ! Worst ! I feel that my son is placed in a cage. Any comment is welcome!. And your good wishes, too. Thank you so much.
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