Postby tristan497 » Wed May 05, 2010 6:12 pm

Anyone doing the Diet and Biomedical Interventions? If so how is your child doing with it?
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Re: Anyone?

Postby darkstars1 » Mon May 10, 2010 10:49 pm

We tried the diet with our son and did not see any changes. He has a chomosomal anomaly and has had autism since birth. We have heard that the greatest benefit are to those who developed typically and then regressed.

We do do some biomedical. In a typical day we give:

Vita-Spectrum (Klaire Labs-multivitamin for those with autism) - no noticable improvement, but we
still give it anyway. The dietician said to be careful with this since it has high doses of B6 and
Vit C. She said we would have to wean him off it if we ever wanted to stop it. Stopping the B6
would cause seizures and stopping the Vit C would cause rebound scurvy.
benefiber - helps bulk up the stools
Miralax - helps tremendously with the constipation - tyring to convert to flax (natural)
Vital-10 (Klaire Labs, probiotic) - Helped tremendously for regular stools
Cod liver oil (Barlean's) - Helped with his skin and many studies of brain benefit
methyl B12 injections - we did this for 2 years - saw great improvement with speech and eye
contact at the start, but hit a plateau and we switched to TMG
TMG - gave great boost of energy and speech, but gave him insominia!!!
DMG - less methylation than TMG - still have good benefit, but now he is sleeping!
Vital-Zymes (Klaire labs - digestive enzyme) - he no longer has chunks of food in his stool and he
went through a growth spurt after starting them, so he must be receiving more nutrients
Epsom Salts - 1/2 cup in bath every night. He has problems with artifical dyes and flavorings
(makes him visually stimmy) and this helps
We also just started craniosacral therapy last week - will wait to see what happens!

I think that is about it. We were going to give L-carnitine, which would help with his hypotonia, but with his chromosomal anomaly, we are concerned it would trigger seizures (same with HBOT therapy). Let me know if you have any questions!
There is also a website put together by a dad from our Start-up called He also talks about the biomedical they have done and there is some great info there.

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Re: Anyone?

Postby Rogelio » Thu May 27, 2010 4:57 pm

Hi (sorry about my english, I am mexican):

We put our son on a Gluten free and lactose free diet and he has changed a lot for good. He stoped crying for nothing and his behavior improved a lot. Our son Rogelio developed regression autism around his first year of age, and mi wife and I believe that it is very much related to the one year vaccine (measles, mumps and something else). We complement his nutrition with suplements (a lot of them such as omega, vitamines C, B12, B6, liver fish oil, GABA, Zinc, etc) and we were surprised recently when we needed a blood test of him for a surgery he needed; His results were awesome, everything was on the best levels for a 4 year old boy (hemoglobine, red globules, white globules, plates, the times for coagulation of blood, etc), even the doctors were impressed knowing he doesn't eat a lot of healthy food like: milk, bread, fruits, vegetables, etc.

I will really recomend you to try a diet, but first do a full study of hair, urine and blood, I will suggest "Great Plains Laboratory in Kansas", so you can see which kind of food or meals are not good for your son, and look at the levels of metals in his/her body, so you can guess which things are good and which ones don't. Also they give you a list of food that may be no good for him or her. If you need more info, please post another reply and I will send more info. I hope this has been helpfull.
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Re: Anyone?

Postby tristan497 » Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:10 pm

Thank you so much! I have my son on a gluten free diet. He can't have milk either.Tristan had all his tests done about 2 months ago and his doctor but him on alot of suppplement. I have seen some changes like he will try to eat more things now and he's talking more. I still need to work on his eating and his crying when he can't have his way.
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Re: Anyone?

Postby marinam » Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:53 pm

Hi Tristan, I have just joined the forum and read your post with interest. This may be old news for you now but I just wanted to say that when we started a gfcf diet for my son we were still inadvertantly giving him wheat in hot chips ( rolled in flour apparantly ) and tuna sushi rolls ( the mayo has wheat in it ), so you may need to take another look at what he is eating.Also what about soy and corn - they are everywhere.
At the same time we beagn homepathics, iron and fish oil supps, and "wellness chiropractic " performed by a paediatric chiro 2 times a week.
The improvement was almost instant- hugely improved eye contact and markedly decreased anxiety I think everything worked in unison.

I cannot reccomend chiropractic highly enough - ours took xrays and I saw a very bad spinal alignment with consequent nerve conduction issues. Look at his website for inspiration We are in Australia.
Good luck with your continuing journey, Marina
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Re: Anyone?

Postby gnjure » Thu Jul 08, 2010 3:44 am

Hi rogelio,

I am a 30 years mom of 4 year old autistic boy. i started giving my child glutein free and cassein free diet (not completely). he has improved much, sometimes back we could not sleep, he used to wake up at one until morning he would get out of bed and jump up and down makeing a lot of noise. Now after dieting, he sleeps from 10.00 pm until morning. this is wonderful.

the only problem i have is he doesnt eat many types of food and of late he has been eating his clothes on the hands until they are torn. what can i give him. name some supplements which i can access here in East Africa.

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