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International Autism Expert Raun K. Kaufman Supports American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendation for Early Testing, but Rejects Position that Autism is Incurable

Sheffield, Mass. – November 19 – Last month the American Academy of Pediatrics published a report, “Identification and Evaluation of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders,” which urges testing children for Autism by the age of two. The report also reflects the AAP’s position that Autism can be managed but not cured.

Miriam-Webster defines the word “cure” as: “1 a: to restore to health, soundness, or normality b: to bring about recovery from.”

Raun K. Kaufman, CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America™ and himself fully cured from Autism, issued the following statement:

“We applaud the AAP’s call for early testing, but are disappointed at their continued position that Autism is incurable. The biggest mistake made in the Autism world is deciding ahead of time all of the things that a child will never do or accomplish. We refuse to do this. Since there is no way to see the future, the only ethical choice we have is to treat every child as if he or she can be cured and give all children a chance.”

As a child, Mr. Kaufman was diagnosed with severe autism and recommended for lifelong institutionalization. Instead, his parents developed The Son-Rise Program, which enabled their son’s complete cure from Autism. Now an international speaker and Ivy League graduate, Mr. Kaufman bears no traces of his former condition.

The Autism Treatment Center of America is home of The Son-Rise Program for Autism treatment and education. The Son-Rise Program is the only program that:

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