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Media Advisory

Part 5: Stop Pushing Parents Aside

When are we going to start respecting parents of children with autism?

First, they are ignored. Did you know that it is common for parents to surmise that their children have autism up to a full year before they are finally given the diagnosis? We all talk a good game about early intervention, but I guess that first year doesn’t matter so much.

Once treatment begins, many, many parents feel that they are treated like pains in the neck with little to offer. I recently spoke with a mother who sat in on a professional training seminar. She was utterly shocked by how the attendees talked about parents. Their tone was disrespectful and complaining, and they characterized parents as over-protective, difficult, and ignorant. They wished that parents would step aside and let them do their jobs.

And yet, the only reason that I was able to make the leap from having severe autism to the completely recovered 35-year-old CEO that I am today is because my parents believed in me when no one else did – and helped me when no one else would.

At our center, we listen to parents, work with parents, and empower them to be the directors of their child’s program. We do this not to be “nice” but because parents are the biggest factor in their children’s progress. No one can match parents’ love, dedication, experience, and long-haul commitment.

We will not be able to truly help children with autism until we understand the truth: Parents aren’t in the way. They are the way.

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