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Part 2: Stop Trying To Turn Our Children Into Robots

We can agree that children with autism are human beings, yes? Then why do we thrust upon parents a treatment designed to get them to obey commands like a robot?

Stamp out unwanted “autistic” behaviors. Achieve compliance through repetitive training. Reward desired behaviors with items such as food. Sound familiar? That’s no surprise, since these principles share their intellectual roots with animal training. Yes, folks, we have now reached the point where it’s controversial to assert that dog training is for dogs, not children with autism.

Why are parents still told that the best they can get is an educational program that pushes and pulls their children, stopping them from their self-soothing behaviors and programming them like robots to do as we say?

And, please, don’t tell me “it doesn’t work this way anymore.” That’s a tough claim to make when we have a school in my home state of Massachusetts that still administers powerful and repeated electric shocks to discourage unwanted behavior.

I, myself, used to have severe autism, but my parents created a program that enabled me to completely recover. Rather than forcing me to conform to a world I didn’t understand, they joined me in my world. That was the first step toward my recovery. So, you see, there are ways to help our children without hurting them.

When it comes to children with autism, it’s time to ask yourself: whose side are you on?

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