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Brian Nelson - Biography

Son-Rise Program Senior Family Counselor at the Autism Treatment Center of America

Michigan native Brian Nelson came to The Option Institute and the Autism Treatment Center of America in Sheffield, MA, eleven years ago, to help recover his son, and has been on staff here for the last six years.

Jake was diagnosed when he was nearly four years old by a team of doctors and health care professionals from the University of Michigan. The sobering prognosis given to the Nelson’s by the team was that Jake would never speak, be toilet trained, dress himself or even be able to bathe himself, despite progressing normally in his first 22 months of life. They felt they had no place to turn to for help.

When the Nelson’s learned of The Son-Rise Program Start-Up they immediately registered to attend. Just eight weeks after attending the program, Jake’s vocabulary went from 0 to 50 words and both eye contact and interactive play increased exponentially.

They ran his Son-Rise Program for three years. Today Jake is on the academic honor roll and off the Autism Spectrum. He is outgoing, socially involved (he is in a band) and indistinguishable from his peers.

Brian then decided to devote himself to helping parents attain the same life changing experience that he and his family experienced. He became a Family Counselor at the Autism Treatment Center of America where he has guided hundreds and hundreds of parents to our programs.

Brian and his wife Susan, along with Jake and their youngest son, Noah, all reside in Michigan.

Listen to Brian’s wife Susan share about recovering their son Jake in her acceptance speech at her Certification ceremony as a Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator

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