William Hogan - Certified Son-Rise Program Senior Teacher

Name: William Hogan

Title: Executive Director of Programs

Region: Full-time Staff, Available Worldwide

Phone: 1-413-229-2100

Areas of Expertise & Services:


“When I was a young man I trained and worked as a BBC Broadcast Engineer, never imagining that my passion in life would become working with autistic children and their families. In 1990, as I was volunteering to support the work of the Autism Treatment Center of America, I was blessed to be asked to play with a child so the parents of that child could practice teaching someone about The Son-Rise Program. It was a truly life changing experience. Over the last 20 years I have worked with thousands of parents and children as a certified Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator/Teacher and Group Facilitator. I have worked with families in their homes across North America, UK, Ireland, Holland, Italy, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps the most meaningful and profound way that The Son-Rise Program has changed my life was when I too had a child with autism and was able to use all that I had learned here to create a beautiful and loving program for her. Today, she attends our local public school and is surrounded by friends and she greets life with a warm and beautiful smile. This would never have been possible without having known what I learned here.”

Quotes About William Hogan:

“William, you were the thread that connected all of the concepts together for me. You are the rarest of teachers in your absolute ability to listen to the student-to see if they are actually receiving and then respond appropriately. How could I not learn-you were a one man show! You were in the ultimate playroom with 90 of us! And you never skipped a beat.”

Rebecca Molony, Ad Sales, Oregon
Child’s Name: Griffen / Age: 5 ½ / Diagnosis: Autism & PDD

“William is a superb facilitator. I have learned so much from him in 5 days. On behalf of my son, myself, and the rest of my family - a big thank you. Your method is perfect - very clear, relevant, and done with flair. A personal message for William: ‘Thank you very much. I&rsqho;ve taught adults myself and I know a gifted professional when I see one”

Sean Driscoll, Translator, Wales
Child: Matthew Age: 12 Diagnosis: Autism

“William, the consummate teacher, and seemingly the mastermind in the articulation and application of the Son-Rise Program. This was so helpful for me to push our program in order to make it more focused and therapeutic, while still being fun and loving.”

Aaron Houssian, Researcher, Netherlands
Child’s Name: Ezra Age: 5 Diagnosis: PDD & NOS

“William speaks as both a teacher with eighteen years experience and as the father of a recovered child. He is peaceful, centered and joyous. He treats each person with a respectful gentleness that is inspiring. If I could bottle him up and take him home to share with my family, I would!”

Dana Woodhouse-Nagy, Mother, Oregon
Child: Ethan Age: 9 Diagnosis: ASD, SID and Dyspraxia

“His smile can light up a room; his energy is so powerful; his dedication and passion is an inspiration to me! My husband and I talk about him when we are at home. He is so genuine and loving; he made me feel so wonderful each time he walked in the door, I couldn’t stop smiling and couldn’t wait to hear what he was going to say. Thank you for all you do! I love you!”

Kristin Gergely, Son-Rise Program Mom, New Jersey
Child’s Name: Christopher Age: 5 Diagnosis: Autism

“William has been so present with us this week. He’s been a really focused, caring and imaginative teacher, able to really hear and read where a big group of different people are and guiding us separately and together to take on journeys through the week. His incredible experience and thoroughness is so valuable to me.”

Julie Gill, Son-Rise Mom, United Kingdom
Child’s Name: Asa / Age: 10 / Diagnosis: ASC

“William’s presentations were always inspired, well-planned, full of lovely personal experiences and examples that really gave life and meaning to the material. His experience as a parent and facilitator are obvious, as is his strong belief and conviction in the power of this program.”

Abby Longstreet-Yoder, Insurance Broker, New Jersey
Child’s Name: Evan / Age: 7 ½ years old / Diagnosis: PDD/NOS

“To be a comic figure in the playroom - invocate William’s spirit! So inspiring, so funny, so tremendous and effective! Thanks for sharing your energy. It’s contagious!”

Veronica Nartorello, Special Ed Teacher, Argentina
Children’s Names: Franco, Germon, Niller & Joaquin Ages: 13, 5, 5 & 6 Diagnosis: Autism