Sean Fitzgerald - Son-Rise Program Teacher

Name: Sean Fitzgerald

Title: Son-Rise Program Teacher

Region: Australia, the UK and Brazil



Sean completed an 18-month training program at the Autism Treatment Center of America to become certified as a Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator in 1998. He then went on to complete an additional two-year training program and became certified as a Son-Rise Program teacher in 2000. He worked for several years at The Son-Rise Program Intensive and has taught in The Son-Rise Program Start-Up, Maximum Impact and New Frontiers. Currently Sean offers in-home outreaches and phone consultations to families in Australia, the UK and Brazil.

Quotes about Sean Fitzgerald

“The outreach was a real boost to our SonRise Programme on so many levels. We were able to clarify with Sean’s help where we should focus in helping Liam with his challenges. The team got invaluable training. I as Programme Co-ordinator got insight into my own challenges with the programme and practical advice about what to do next. Liam had the most fantastic fun with Sean and we all thoroughly loved the experience of the two days. I would have loved Sean to stay permanently. For me an outreach is a really happy, uplifting experience which gives you lots of fuel for the weeks and months afterward.

Sean is kind, capable,insightful and an exceptional teacher. Watching him play with my child is a complete delight as he never fails to spark fantastic interaction. I also really appreciate his way of talking to our team members and helping them up their game. The whole Outreach is a joy thanks to Sean’s great sense of humour, and equal ability to find solutions and brainstorm great ideas.“

Clare Webster, Birmingham UK
Child's Name: Liam / Age: 7 / Diagnosis: ASD

“Sean is great! He is lovely, kind and such a playful friend to Tom and a great support to Andy and I. Sean is so insightful and can clearly see what is still a challenge for Tom both at home and at school. He has given us plenty of ideas and strategies to continue to help Tom to grow. He is so knowledgeable and all the way through Tom’s Son-Rise Programme he has been a tremendous guide and friend to us and our team and has helped Tom progress enormously.“

Jackie and Andy Sherlock, Birmingham UK
Child's Name: Tom / Age: 9 / Diagnosis: ASD

“We have been running a Son-Rise program for 3 years and during that time we have Sean visit us at regular intervals to assess the strategic direction and goals of our program. These visits ensure that our program stays on course. After a Sean outreach we feel empowered and clear about what we are working on and how we are going to direct our team to help achieve those goals. Sean is also great for giving us feedback on our sessions in the playroom and our effectiveness in training and feedback to volunteers – this fine-tuning of our skills is extremely valuable, in us running a successful program. Sean is a very approachable, friendly, easy–going guy. He is a great teacher and always makes both parents and volunteers comfortable and not intimidated to ask any question. Our volunteers feel that he is also part of our team and not some-one assessing our program or their abilities in the playroom. He also has a wealth of information on Son-Rise and is practical in his suggestions on how to apply this program to your individual family’s needs.“

Irini Katsogiannis, Melbourne, Australia
Child's Name: Evan / Age: 7 / Diagnosis ASD